Using Your Vacuum Blending System

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User Instructions

Ensure the lid is fully charged before using.




Step 1, load your blender jar with the lightest/least dense items like spinach leaves on bottom and most dense like ice cubes and frozen fruit on the top.

Step 2, place the VOID lid on top of the jar. Be sure the lid is properly seated and sealed. Turn the lid on, press the Nav (>>) button to desired preset  and press go until you hear the pumps running.  (To make the lid easier to remove try wetting the lid gasket before placing on-top of the jar)

Step 3, wait until the ready to blend message appears on the VOID lid screen. (Will not appear in VAC+ mode) Blending before VOID is ready will result in less effective vacuum blending and can also damage the internal pumps.

Step 4, Release/Vent the vacuum pressure by pulling down on the red tab located on the bottom circle of the lid. After venting the container carefully pry up on a corner of the lid and serve your blend.



How to charge:


  • Plug USB cable into the included wall power adapter. A blue led should illuminate on the other end of the usb cable showing that there is power to the usb cable.
  • Attach the magnet-side of the USB cord to the exposed metal charging port to the wireless charger
  • Place the wireless charger over the lid touchpad with the led lights facing upwards above the red vent, until the magnets snap the charger into place.
    • Ensure the charger is laying flat against the lid and the blue indicator light is on
    • Some side to side adjustment may be necessary for the charger to recognize the lid.
  • Charger indicator LED
    • RED light on charger indicates wireless charger has power but is not emitting power to a receiving device. ( RED means ready to charge)
    • BLUE light on charger indicates wireless charger is actively emitting power (BLUE means charging)
  • WARNING: pumping anything besides air will damage your pumps and could cause need for repair.  Avoid overfilling container and use pre-sets to prevent damage to the vacuum pumps



How to store:


  • Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Do not store lid in refrigerator or freezer


How to operate:


  • Ensure gasket is properly seated evenly on the lid and that the area under the gasket is clean of any particulate that may collect during regular use.
  • Some users may prefer to run water over the gasket before securing to the container. This makes the lid removal easier and provides a better seal.
  • Place lid securely on container.
  • Use power button to turn the lid on. 
  • Use arrow button to navigate through programmable pressure Pre-sets (see below for setting custom Pre-set pressures)
  • After scrolling to the desired preset (bottom left hand corner of screen), press “Go” to start pumps. The pumps will turn off when desired pressure is achieved. The display will read “Ready” on the top and the red alert indicator will flash.
  • To provide the best results and to extend the life of the system “READY” indicator must be present before blending begins. 
  • Please note: that VAC+ mode runs the pumps for 5 minutes without stopping this mode is for future accessories and the screen will never display “READY”. 



How to program pressure Pre-sets:


  • From the home menu, hold down the “>>” button for 3 seconds.
  • Pressing the “GO” button will cycle between all three presets and then exit the menu
  • To program, Press “GO” to scroll/save to the desired preset to change then push the “>>” button to increase the pressure by 1.
  • When satisfied with your pre-sets, press “GO” until you are returned to the home menu



  • Presets A/B/C will automatically turn on and off to maintain programmed pressure. The system will turn off pumps and display “READY” on the screen. These presets are designed to help you fine tune recipes that require less froth and/or maximum nutrition.
  • VAC+ will run the pumps for 5 minutes without stopping. 
  • WARNING: presets are designed to extend the life of your lid by limiting the amount of time the pumps run and help prevent sucking contents of your container through the vacuum pumps.



Cleaning Instructions


  • VOID lids are NOT dishwasher safe and should always be hand cleaned.
  • Do not use chemicals.
    • Only use soap or dish soap and water to clean.
    • The lid is designed to be rinsed under running water.
    • Do not submerge.



To Clean:


  • Regularly remove and clean the gasket attached to the bottom (sides) of the lid. The lid gasket is also designed so that gently pushing down on the gasket side tabs exposes the area under the gasket. Opening this area enables the user to easily and quickly rinse behind the gasket.
  • During deep clean remove gasket completely and clean all surfaces on the lid and the gasket.(gasket can be washed in dishwasher or submerged in soapy water)
  • Air dry gasket and lid separately before re-securing gasket and storing to prevent bacteria growth. 







Additional Info:


  • Lid can not be operated while charging
  • Only compatible with Void Residential Blender,  Blendtec containers (wildside and four side) and Blendtec containers for Vitamix machines. (Void systems does not warranty Blendtec or Vitamix products)

Avoid the following:

  • Boiling temperatures
  • Do not freeze/refrigerate
  • Not intended for long term or food storage use
  • Not dishwasher safe





  • To remove the lid, first you must vent the lid.
    • Pull down on the red vent until the pressure on the gauge returns to “0” or no air can be heard rushing into the jar.


Customer Support & Warranty:



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